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    The AccuProbe Hydrometer and Mini Hydrometer are an interesting take on the old plastic specific gravity tester. At first glance the full size AccuProbe looks more or less like the Coralite Deep Six hydrometer which was introduced over a decade ago but some special handling makes the AccuProbes much more reliable than any plastic salt meter that we’ve seen.

    The AccuProbe may be mass manufactured with individual imperfections that make them inherently inaccurate, that is if they weren’t so carefully looked at. Each AccuProbe hydrometer is individually tested and calibrated with a unique certification stamp meaning that this is one hydrometer which you will actually be able to trust right out of the box.

    Aquarium Solutions makes and calibrates the AccuProbe Hydrometers in two sizes, a full fledged version with a full range readout and an AccuProbe Mini Hydrometer with a much reduced range. Despite the attention to accuracy, the AccuProbe costs about the same as similar plastic models, between $10 and $15 depending on the model. [Aquarium Solutions]

    accuprobe-mini-hydrometer.png accuprobe-hydrometer.jpg
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