acclimatising new fish

11 Mar 2013
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oslo beach
Hey Masa
How do you guys acclimatize your new fish ?

With my tropical tank i just let the bag float for 30mins then i remove the fish from the bag with a net so that i dont let any water from the petshop mix with my tanks water
I make a drip line. Put the fish with the lfs water in a container. Then i take a normal piece of air hose and put one of those air regulating valves on. Then i just let the water drip from my main tank into the fish with the bucket. Normally i try to double the water volume over about 30min or 40min. Dont really have a time limit.
So the only method is the drip/bucket method ?

There are other ways, but BY FAR the best route is the drip method. Don't drip for too long either. I let 2 to 3 drops per second drip into the bag with the new livestock. I then remove most of the water in the bag every 5 to 10 minutes leaving enough for your livestock to swim(be ok) in. I repeat this process for 30 to 40 minutes and then lastly I will float the bag in my tank water for 5 minutes to make 100% sure that the water in the bag is exactly the same temp as my tanks.

I haven't and touch wood, lost a fish during this process in many years.
I've used drip method and bag float. I've been fortunate not to loose using either methods. I've only had casualty to the newbies due to bullying by existing tank mates
The drip method is the de facto standard, but I havent had any issues the way I do it - even with inverts.

I have a 10ml syringe lying around, so i float the bag when I get home, and every few minutes as I walk past the tank I squirt a syringe full of tank water into the bag. 30-40 minutes later i fish the fish out of the bag and release into the tank. Very similar in effect to drip method I guess, just less pt.
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