RSS AcanLighting Prism LED is the latest reef light to join the multicolor LED party

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    The AcanLighting Prism LED is a veritable cornucopia of different LED colors, neigh a fruit salad of the visible spectrum. Coming in black or silver housing, the 70 watt AcanLighting Prism is endowed with no fewer than eight colors of LEDs including blue and royal blue, 12K white, red, amber, green, cyan and magenta.


    Unlike the Full Spectrum Edition EcoLamps KR93 skunkworked by Eiji of 1.023 World and Koji of Blue Harbor in Japan, the AcanLighting Prism is built off of the good-looking A104 LED light. The svelte AcanLighting Prism has three channels of color control, more like two since one of them is for the moonlighting, and it will come in a black or silver housing for just under $750. [AcanLighting]
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