RSS AcanLighting debuts 300 series LED light strip at entry level price of $199

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    There’s lots of LED lights hitting the market this year for the aquarium hobby but AcanLighting’s 300 series LED really blurs the line between striplight and fixture. With 30 watts per foot, the 300 series LED from AcanLighting features large light-collecting LED lenses to direct as many photons towards your tank as possible. The form factor of the AcanLighting 300 LED is very much like the newer Double*Bright*LEDs from Marineland with a moderate thickness, passive cooling and a small but useful built in timer on the endcap. The AcanLight 300 LED timer leans more towards a controller with separate blue & white channels of intensity control which can have up to seven time stages. AcanLighting will be shipping the 300 series in January at which time it will cost $299 for the 18 inch version although presales are being offered for the introductory price of $199 for a limited time. The normal pricing of the 300 series AcanLighting LED light will be $199 and 30 watts per foot which includes the mounting legs and all hanging hardware.*



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