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8 May 2007
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Abyzz makes hands-down one of the most sophisticated, highest performing and greatly performing aquarium water pumps reef keepers have ever seen. With Abyzz making a more dedicated push into North American reefing markets with Abyzz America, reefers can expect to see a whole lot more of these pricey but incredibly powerful water pushers and movers.

But according to the Abyzz America website, the stable of ‘standard’ water pumps is not all we can expect to see in the future for Abyzz. A new section on the Abyzz America website is dedicated to Protein Skimmer Pumps and we’re not talking about simple high pressure pumps mated with venturi valves like we’ve seen in the Schuran/Abyzz collaboration to create an XXL version of the classic Berlin protein skimmer.

Abyzz Protein Skimmer

With Jeff Macaré of Euro Reef fame now part of the Abyzz America team, perhaps we’ll see Abyzz’s first needle wheel pumps revisiting the metal alloy mesh wheel that Euro Reef first experimented with. However with 3D printing exploding the envelope of engineering and design in all major industries, perhaps we’ll be seeing a novel 3D printed meshwheel or gridwheel concept in the future.

Also on the horizon for Abyzz pumps is a propeller version of their water pump. With built in power, controllability and efficiency, an Abyzz propeller pump would be the first major pump to compete with the beloved Panta Rhei HydroWizard line of water pumps. The Abyzz prop pump is probably quite a ways off but our aquarium spidey sense intimates that InterZoo 2016 is a likely place for us to spy this proposed new piece of reefing hardware for the first time.

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