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    Abyzz is certainly on a streak now, first by teasing a new huge water pump, the Abyzz A400, and now with a sneaker photo of what appears to be one jumbo propeller pump. At first glance you might be forgiven for thinking this pump looks like a prototype of the original HydroWizard by Panta Rhei, and indeed it does seem to borrow many similar design elements.

    The rear intake strainer with a collar around the impeller and an eductor-like outflow all harken to the first large HydroWizard, but we assure you this beast is all made by Abyzz. Since Panta Rhei’s first pump has been on the market and available to aquarists for some quite some time now, it’ll be interesting to see how Abyzz has advanced the concept, especially considering the synergy that is possible with their current line of highly acclaimed centrifugal water pumps.

    Of course such a beast of a propeller pump will be the domain primarily of jumbo reef tanks and public aquariums, but what is more tantalizing is the possibility that this is just the first of many water pumps of this type from Abyzz. It’ll be very interesting to see this pump in person later this week in Nuremberg, and we’ll be sure to press the company for all the details and especially about when they might be able to shrink the technology for more hobbyist sized aquarium applications.
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