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8 May 2007
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Abyzz America is a new venture that aims to bring the high end Abyss DC pumps to more people this side of the Atlantic Ocean. The Austrian made Abyzz pumps have been gaining popularity in Europe as a high end water pumping engine with incredibly detailed control of how these pumps operate.

Venotec has made great strides lately, with an Abyzz protein skimmer collaboration with Schuran and a “smaller” yet crazy-powerful Abyzz 100 water pump. While there may be a lot of “controllable” DC water pumps on the market coming from China, do not confuse the Abyzz pumps with that lot.

The Abyzz pumps are part of a brand new crop of hot rod water pumps with performance-critical components and materials. The Abyzz pumps also have carefully engineered controllers, with useful settings that allow for very finely tuned access to the controls, in addition to networking and responsive programming.

With the creation of Abyzz America, the Abyzz pumps are now available in 110v as well as the 220v version, and U.S. clients can expect much quicker delivery times as well as much enhanced customer service. Unique Corals was the first company to distribute the Abyzz pumps in America and they will continue to work alongside Abyzz America.

We are most excited about Abyzz America’s potential to bring a new hot rod needle wheel pump to the reef aquarium market. The first collaboration with Schuran used an existing pump and a venturi valve to create what is essentially a souped-up Berlin skimmer. Hopefully new developments in the future will see the Abyzz pump getting a fancy new needle wheel for modern protein skimmer designs; coupled with the Abyzz’s controllability features it could make for some very interesting foam fractionating.


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