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    Abyzz has a new pump coming to its lineup and it’s called the A1200. If this picture and the naming convention holds true, by the looks of it seems as if Abyzz has created one monster controllable water pump.

    Currently there are three primary pump models in Abyzz’s pump catalog, the A100, A200 and A400, all of which correspond to the maximum power rating of these pumps. So the A100 pulls 100 watts, the A200 draws 200 watts and the A400 sucks down a cool 400 watts of power. With this pattern we can assume the Abyzz A1200 will be capable of sucking up to 1200 watts to generate what we presume will be ludicrous amounts of water flow.

    By calculating a line of best fit for the three current Abyzz pumps, and extrapolating for a pump with 1,200 watts of power we estimate that his pump could create up to 12,266 gallons per hour of water flow. This is of course an estimation, and due to the law of diminishing returns it’s likely that the Abyzz A1200 will pump between 10,000 and 12,000 gallons per hour, without taking into account the ‘Boost Mode’ which is possible with the three existing models.

    Clearly the Abyzz A1200 pump is not for you average home aquarium, and definitely has the jumbo tanks, ponds and public aquariums in its sights with this new Monster pump. Abyzz’s new A1200 pump will fall just short of the Red Dragon 4 Dreamliner for title of world’s largest controllable aquarium pump, but it will be the largest submersible pump of its kind by far.

    Stay tuned for news of the Abyzz A1200 and many other products in our ongoing coverage of InterZoo 2016 which begins Wednesday next week.

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