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8 May 2007
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The Abyss, Atoll and Peninsula aquariums are three new concept tanks unveiled by Innovative Marine this weekend in Denver. Innovative Marine used ReefStock 2016 as the world debut for these three interesting concept tanks which are the first all-in-ones from IM which are built out of acrylic.

The three tanks in the new concept desktop series include the 12 gallon Peninsula bookshelf tank, the 10 gallon Atoll cylinder tank and the 14 gallon Abyss dropoff tank. Peninsula style tanks are pretty common from many different aquarium manufacturers, and the Atoll cylinder tank is very neat, especially for an all-in-one, but by far the most popular tank in the concept series is and will be the Abyss dropoff tank.

It’s easy to form impulse opinion about a tank based on specs and pictures alone, but for the hundreds of people who came to ReefStock last weekend, the Abyss dropoff tank is the aquarium everyone wanted to take home. We’ve covered a few dropoff style tanks before, but these have all been custom built, so the Abyss from Innovative Marine is the first mass produced dropoff style tank we’ve seen marketed to reefer, especially as an all in one.

Everyone from the noobies to the veterans were captivated by the Abyss Dropoff tank as it represents something entirely new in concept aquarium design. With a shallow section on one side and a conventional open space on the other, reefers will be able to develop multiple zones in this aquarium package. We personally are super keen to develop a practical dedicated frag zone for collecting corals in the shallow portion, with a real little slice of the reef in the deeper part.

The debut of Innovative Marine’s new concept desktop series aquariums was marked by the use of the ever-popular NanoBox Reef clip on LED lights which seem like the perfect pairing with these all in one tanks. Full specs, pricing and release date are still quite a ways off for these three new tanks which are sure to shake up the boxy AIO aquarium market. We can’t wait for the Abyss Dropoff tank to become available as there is no doubt that this new tank design is going to spur a lot of innovative reefing from the nano reef aquarium keepers.

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