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8 May 2007
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Everyone loves Zoanthids and Palythoas and we can’t think of a better subject than our beloved polyps to star in their own poster feature. We’ve seen abstracted butterflyfish in their very own poster featuring all the of the species and what makes them unique, so why not a zoanthid with all the different varieties of Zoas and Palys?

That’s precisely what German reefer Thomas Meyer is setting out to do, with his 100 Zoas & Palys Poster which is now on Kickstarter seeking your support. With a very reasonable goal of just 1500€ (~$1700) to produce a poster of the aquarium hobby’s most popular polyps, we have no doubt that this is one of the best aquarium crowdfunding project we’ve seen yet.

The coolest part of the 100 Zoas & Palys Poster is that the polyps will not be represented with photographs, but with abstract graphical illustrations. This form of representation should do a better job of highlighting what differentiates Mandarin Orange Zoas from Creamsicles, or Utter Chaos from Armor of Gods.

Perhaps one of the coolest parts of Thomas Meyer’s zoanthid poster project is that it’s not finished! This is great because instead of charging ahead and deciding which Palys and Zoas make the cut for the top 100 poster-worthy polyps, Thomas is actually taking submissions for strains that should be featured on the poster.

If you want to get involved in the forthcoming 100 Zoas & Palys poster, check out the Kickstarter page. Backing this project is pretty affordable with a small 16 x 24″ poster costing just 10€ and a larger 24 x 33″ poster costing a paltry 15€. Which Palythoa and Zoanthid strain do YOU most want to see make it on the poster? Personally, we think the Clown Face Palys are up and coming and will make a nice splash on this print. [Kickstarter]

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