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    IMG_77081-167x300.jpg *We’ve posted plenty of aberrant butterflies, angels and tangs but have you ever *wondered why we’ve not been posting any aberrant fairy wrasses? For some strange *reason, major aberrations seem to be pretty rare and nearly unheard of in *the*Cirrhilabrus*genus. The aberrant C. luteovittatus posted above and left is one of the *few that we’ve seen. C. luteovittatus is commonly offered for the trade and is collected *from the Marshall Islands.

    What sets these two specimens apart from the norm is the *unusual amount of yellow it has. Normally, this fish is a deep velvety purple with a *single yellow stripe that runs down the middle of the body. The two aberrant *individuals here sport the yellow coloration all over the body and have completely over *taken the purple coloration that it normally dons. It bears a striking, almost perfect *resemblance to Cirrhilabrus aurantidorsalis. Pretty interesting don’t you think?

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