aandtsociety collecting trip (we have them regularly)


17 Oct 2008
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First photo is of our really nice day we had to appreciate our wonderful coastline.
These spots we go to have been frequented by us for in access of 30 years and collecting our own species in my time there for around 28 plus years.
I was lucky my parents lived near by, infact my first marine aquarium was the tank my dad gave up on, he used to breed tons of brine shrimp.
One of our life members tells us how the club used to go to this area quite a bit from as early as the 1940s for marine species for their aquariums. The good thing is the area hasn’t changed enormously from what I can gather as other areas have over time.
Oh, some of us are bias in relation to just taking on, supposedly modern ways only of aquarium keeping and not including past very functional means of marine aquarium keeping knowledge.
The protein skimmer/live rock ways, been there done that in the mid eighties, sure these things do some good stuff and should still be used (with other functional applications), but there are so many variations of how people will ruin things, forget things, not understand things that through no great fault of there own, don’t quite get the best from there hobby or give up after a while, sadly.
Anyway another great club trip. The rock pool pics will be coming soon, unbelievable spot. There is no better anywhere around SEQ.
The second pic is of a Pseudobalistes fuscus triggor.that went in caulerpa area.
The third is of a Solenostomus paegnius,pipe fish,there are others in the club more vigilant in there tank keeping than me, this went into a seahorse tank.
Parachaetodon ocellatus,a pretty little butterflyfish,it’s in the caulerpa area until someone else in the club wants it.
Pentapodus nemurus,whiptail,one of my favourites,very pretty and very harmless.




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29 May 2007
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Cape Town
WOW PKC! The 3rd pic is of a dragon pipefish! AWESOME! Very scarce throughout the world!
GREAT catches! The 2nd to last pic shows a chaetodon meyeri (sp?) or "Meyer's butterflyfish"....