aandtsociety clubbies chasing fish video as requested.

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    we could only get a couple of videos,no one wants to video us and we are normally to busy chasing our fish to film each other.

    The first is andres chasing in the shallows getting grazing tangs and than me at around 45 feet,got a nice banded shrimp,oh and watch the silly hermit crab having some trouble climbing a small rock.

    Filming us is not realy what we are out there for,but i hope this helps.

    We have recently completed some more great trips and they will be put around soon,they are in our club section of our forum being worked on at the moment,once the clubbies have checked them out they will be in the snorkeling---section and some will be put around the place.

    A trip to the island for all the clubbies fish hunters is on tomorrow,looks like being an awesome day,clear water blue skies and lots of collectors bussing around each other.

    we leave at 5.30 am and come back around 5 pm,there will be some tired clubbies tomorrow.




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