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    CAD Lights made a big splash last year when they introduced the first ever Pipeless protein skimmers and they have steadily nurtured this end of their product line. The Pipeless skimmer line began with the humble PLS100 and has steadily increased in diversity and numbers to the larger PLS300 and many sizes in between.

    With the CAD Lights stable of Pipeless skimmers reaching a certain level of popularity, Eddie and the Gang have continued to improve on the concept and they are now ready to reveal the third generation of protein skimmers without pipes. This third generation of CAD Lights Pipeless skimmers bring with them a ton of performance and usability improvements which should keep reefers looking at the line for a long time to come.

    The PLS100 is the skimmer that started it all, and it is first in line to receive some major improvements. The biggest change is in the ‘stop locks’ on the bottom of the body which both prevents users from over/under turning the body while simultaneously holding the body more securely together. The ther big change to the PLS100 is a larger body for more reaction foam and a longer contact time, bumping up the skimmer’s rating to 120 gallons.

    The Conical PLS150 is also getting some redesigning action, with all the locking features of the PLS100 and more. The PLS150 will now be available with a larger cone body for longer dwell time of the air water mixture, and the assembly comes fully apart for full access to cleaning every part of the body. The other neat feature of the PLS150 is that is now draining from the bottom so that it utilizes the entire body for the skimming reaction and to further reduce and eliminate any micro bubbles getting into the sump.

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