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    i found this video on youtube about the Bali coral reefs. and it came to a question that i would like to ask. why has this not been implemented around our coastlines? please this is quite a long video so if you have the time please watch this. hopefully it will also inspire us as reefers to actually do something about our own coral reef systems around Southern Africa

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    I haven't watched your whole video, but your question:

    Almost all our coral reefs are protected at various levels, from Leadsman shoal in the South, to the Mozambique boarder. Our coral reefs are very well protected. At the lowest form of protection at Sodwana Bay, only diving and fishing for pelagics. On Red sands reef, it is a complete exclusion zone to humans... These reefs are well protected by EKZN wildlife; they even have a light aircraft that they use to patrol the 100's of km's of coastline :)...

    Besides, fishing could never keep up with the amount of money the yuppie divers bring through ecotourism:p It wouldn't make sense to fish with cyanide, dynamite etc.

    In terms of global warming and ocean acidification, our reefs are naturally protected as they are some of the highest latitude true coral reefs in the world, which acts as a buffer to high water temperature. In terms of ocean acidification, there is recent (a paper a few months ago) evidence of adaptation of most species of scleractinia to lowered ocean pH.

    Overall, 23% of our coastline lies in a sanctuary or no take MPA's.

    Recent focus since the early 1990's has shifted focus to ecotourism as the way forward to sustaining most of our ecosystems. More money for locals for much longer; as long as it's looked after.

    Very nice video by the way :)
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