a sick wrasse with pop eye

Discussion in 'Fish Only Tanks, Predator Tanks' started by layla13, 19 Apr 2010.

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  1. layla13


    10 Apr 2010
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    hello.. i have a wrasse that was in a tank with ich. i treated the tank because all the fish had it but the wrasse has no white spots. then i noticed his eyes were swollen one more then the other. i put in alone in a hospital tank and he is alive but just laying there and not eating. his eyes look somewhat better one is almost normal and the other one is smaller then it was. i hope to get antibiotics for him tonight. is this a good idea? will nature run its course and he can heal on his own? i have a pic to show. also no one in the tank or this fish is eating for a few days now. thanks for your help in advance..took this pic today[​IMG]
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  3. jacquesb

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    29 May 2007
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    Hi Layla - as this is a duplicate thread, I will close this one.
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