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    Over the past couple weeks we’ve seen a myriad of aquarium goods from Cobalt, everything from filters to foods, water pumps and air pumps, and a host of new Ultraviolet devices for sterilizing small volumes of aquarium water.*It’s unclear whether we are doing this recap for ourselves of for you the readers, but somebody has to put together an overview of the varied and diverse aquarium products Cobalt Aquatics is bringing to market in North America.

    We covered almost everything that Cobalt released this year, except some larger sizes of the Cobalt Neotherm heaters which now also come in 150 and 200 watt sizes. If you’re looking to build a new tank and need a special item or if you are a fish store with some shelf space to fill, give a gander at the variety of aquarium keeping goods that Cobalt Aquatics will make available to us during this year.* cobalt-aquatics-oxypro-air-pump-2.jpg

    Oxypro air pump*- a powerful air pump with a double bubble of noise cancellation

    ~ cobalt-aquatics-duofilter-uv-led-3.jpg

    DuoFilter UV*- An internal filter with a quad stack of ultraviolet LEDs



    NeoStat*- an actual electronic thermostat for controlling large heating elements



    NeoFlow*- a DC controllable propeller pump with lots of flow for cheap

    ~ cobalt-ext-inline-pump.jpg

    EXT Inline Pump*- an inline water pump with all kinds of untapped applications

    ~ cobalt-ext-canister-filter-1.jpg

    EXT Canister*- a neat canister filter which could easily double as a full-on media reactor

    ~ microuv-inline-aquarium1.jpg

    MicroUV*- an inline UV sterilizer with a tried and true UVC germicidal Halogen lamp


    Probiotic Fish Food in flakes and pellets*- just like it says, not available at Whole Foods, only at the LFS

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