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    If Kingi Angelfish are one of the holy grails of Pomacanthid lovers then the juvenile*Apolemichthys kingi takes that notion up a notch. Like other members of the genus*Apolemichthys,*the Kingi or Tiger angelfish undergoes a dramatic transformation from the juvenile to the adult stage. We’ve gone out of our way to bring you coverage of large adult tiger*angelfish*and we’ve even had access to some teeny tiny bandit angelfish. However the appearance of small Apolemichthys kingi has so far only been documented in a handful of less than spectacular photographs, until now.

    kingi-angelfish-juvenile-4.jpg Just yesterday we told you the amazing story of Pieter Uys who was at the right place at the right time and collected this perfect tiny juvenile Kingi angelfish. Mr. Uys has been working with his little treasured reef fish for more than two weeks during which time the juvenile angelfish has shaken minor signs of disease and quickly taken up to eating readily available aquarium foods.

    Now the the little bumble bee-looking baby angelfish is settling in to his new*aquarium*home it is looking clear and bright and ready for the photographic spotlight. Thanks to Pieter’s photographic success and in sharing them with us, this post singlehandedly multiplies the known photographs of juvenile Kingi angelfish, which are likely the first of their kind of this size specimen in an*aquarium. We hope you enjoy these incredible new pictures as much as we have and we wish Pieter the best with his newfound precious aquarium fish.

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    fantastic to here a kingi angel has been caught and a juvi at that, well done Pieter:)

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