a pleasant surprise :)

22 Jan 2008
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Lilliehammer, Norway
A truly pleasant surpriseJ

I worked late last night and left after a long day, feeling rather tired and slightly under pressure. Stopped to get some dinner as I didn’t feel like cooking and walked into this picture greeting me on my front table. 12 beers (and a brand I loveJ) and a note on my table.

I often say to people “come get RO”, “here have a frag,” etc etc. I do this because I know how invaluable war helping me in the beginning was. And then others. People always say thank you and I do enjoy helping. But when I got home found 12 beers and a typed note from Apollo simply saying “thanks for the RO and enjoy the beers” it really lifted my spirits. Its not actually that nice giving people free access to my garden for RO water, especially in this political climate, but getting a typed note and a few beers really made me feel appreciated. Kind of all worth while.

What I like about the fact that it was typed and not scribbled as an after thought on the back of a petrol slip like I would have done is that it showed forethought and planning.

So Apollo, you are more than welcome and I hope we can share a bottle or 6 when you next pop round.

I did use some as lubrication of artistic flair and got creative with photography round the tank last nightJ 195 shots LOL…. so thanks lotsJ
25 Sep 2008
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Glad you enjoyed them,

The more the lubrication, the better the creative thinking ... he he :peroni:
I'll most certainly come and pick your brains again soon,over a couple of cold ones .

BTW : Love your display tank ! Gives me inspiration to finish off my main display tank ( 300 liter) . In the mean time, the nano is being started up . Hopefully on Sunday, if the wife doesn't dream up some major task for me to do at home.

When are you leaving for Norway ?