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    When we first heard about Sunburst anemones, the local Colorado strain of Entacmea quadricolor that is orange, we were skeptical as anyone that it was a trick of lighting causing the intense coloration, although back then there weren’t any LED aquarium lights for super color tweaking. Many years ago we had the pleasure of visiting the reef aquarium that was the first to grow these out, it was a 180 gallon tank decked out with VHO lights and owned by a reefer named Patrick. His tank was a field of sunburst anemones with one single rose BTA that was all but overshadowed by the much more brilliant orange sunburst anemones.

    Patrick has since moved on from the hobby but not before propagating the heck out of this strain of BTA and spreading it far and wide around the Mile High city and beyond to the point that sunburst anemones are still regularly brought into the local fish stores as a trade in. While perusing Elite Reef today we noticed that they had an awesome example of both the sunburst bubba tip and the rose bubba tip, and we realized that we had not yet shared this now classic anemone strain that rocky mountain reefers can enjoy. Even in this hastily shot phone picture the difference in coloration between the two strains of bubble tip anemone is very apparent.
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