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    We do so many posts here Reef Builders that after a while we start looking back at some of our favorite posts. We were ruminating on all the interesting things ORA has done over the years and thought it would be a good time to roll a few of our favorite ORA posts from over the years into one post.*ORA has been an influential company in the aquaculture and mariculture trade for the aquarium and has made significant strides for breeding ornament fish and bringing juicy corals to market.

    ORA Red Planet table acro has grown a long way in five years

    The ORA Red Planet Acro pictured above, probably an*Acropora hyacinthus, is one of the most iconic corals in the reef aquarium hobby. There’s probably not a single experienced SPS reefer worth his weight in salt that hasn’t grown out some Red Planet at least once, or five times since it grows super well and super fast.


    ORA Black Cardinalfish available soon, Goth Reefers pensively rejoice
    We gotta love an all-black cardinal that will make both Goths and New Zealand rugby fans rejoice! These are unique little fish and an example of what ORA does best.


    Grube’s Gorgonian is a fast-growing and hardy new soft coral from ORA

    This gorgonian is a fine example of a specimen we didn’t know we wanted to keep until we set our eyes on it! We love the colorful “fuzzy sticks” but adding personality and different look and feel to your reef is easy with the addition of this goronian.


    ORA joins efforts to rescue sea turtles affected by recent cold weather

    Cold weather in Florida turned ORA into a sea turtle nursery two years in a row. Kudos to Dustin and crew stepping in and providing not only a place for these turtles to rehabilitate but for providing expert care with some of the best marine technicians in the country.


    Captive bred Mandarin gobies soon commercially available from ORA

    As soon as we heard rumors about this news we were excited. We anxiously awaited the time until we could make the news public and feel this is one of the most significant ORA stories we’ve done over the years. When we got a glimpse of these guys scooting around (and eating dry food) at MACNA, we were in love.

    There’s tons and tons of great stories about Oceans Reefs & Aquariums so if you want to read more, just follow this link.
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