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6 May 2007
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Just wanted to say hi to all,been hanging out in the forums for a little while now and i thought i better stop being rude and say ello.
I dont have a tank at the mo but am planning a 1.8 x 500 x 600 in my office here at jhb and about the same size built in at my folks in laws place at kaysers beach - east london.
I have had tanks in the past but never a live reef system before,will be leaning on ya all heavilly.;)
Hey RD, welcome to MASA.
Thx gents....engrossed in the forums...lol
Hi RD glad you got sorted, great to have you on board.
thx Alan...i just engaged brain and all worked out...lol
question for you...did lesley Hempel work for the EL Aquarium and lived in the west bank...Had a massive tank built into his lounge wall?
hmm..think i went to school with his daughter..Lucille Hempel.
I don't think that could be Leslie's daughter but he is on the forum so he can tell you himself if he knows or is related to a Lucille.
Nope leslie does not have a daughter yet? Well none that he knows about yet. :lol:

As far as work goes I do not recall him ever working for the aquarium, but he has done work for the aquarium.

The guys whose tank is built into the wall may have been Andrew Hoare. Awesome tank as well.

Leslie's tank was on a stand. It was what inspired me to go reef.
thx everyone...if anyone hears of a system that is up for sale could ya please keep me in the loop...about a 1.6m will do just fine.
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