A Day in the Life of a Mandarin

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    Hey, I am famished, I wish my caretaker would turn on the lights....Oh..Thats better..now for a snack..Oh, that was good. Wow, is that a new frag?..as soon as I grab a snack, I am going to check that out. Way cool frag. Dam, I'm hungry, Oh there's one..... I feel like stretching my dorsal fin just in case there is a Babe watching.... Oh God, that made me hungry...Haleulia, look at that, a live blackworm... thats the best looking worm I have ever seen, Let me check out the other end, look at.....Oh heck, that stupid pistol shrimp got it...Now I will probably starve to death...Oh, there's one, that was delicious. OMG, another worm. OK, I will get it, UMM, a little gamey.....Ug, I am so full, I feel like I ate a seahorse, I don't think I will eat for a week. Look! a female? Let me grab a snack and I will check her out.....Humina.Humina.Humina, What a Babe!...Look at the tail and dorsal fin on her....I better eat before I mosey over there to put my moves on her.......Hey beautiful, do you want to go out for dinner?......Oh...You just ate?...Thats to bad, then could we just hang out?...Do you want to see the new frag?..Oh, OK We can get a bite first.

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    Thank you, very entertaining read.

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