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    ORA has couple new coral and fish posters out to celebrate and catalog the myriad of species that they grow. Oceans Reefs & Aquariums, better known as ORA, has been the forerunner of developing clownfish strains and bringing exciting coral species to the aquarium market for well over a decade now.

    For some, the ORA descriptor for corals and fish is as prestigious as some of the limited edition strains of corals and fish in the aquarium hobby. The real big difference being that ORA does not place their names on new coral and fish strains lightly, and they only do so when they commit to putting said coral or clownfish into mass production.

    So when a coral or fish carries the ORA brand name, chances are many hundreds or thousands of people have that same reef animal, making it really fun and easy to compare notes on say, how your ORA Red Planet Acropora is growing compared to your fellow hobbyists. Likewise with the clownfish, which include some sensational strains like the ORA Spotcinctus, ORA platinum, or the ORA Gold Nugget clownfishes.

    With the release of ORA’s aquacultured clownfish and corals posters, you can easily see and reference what these corals and fish should look like. This is a great pair of posters for anyone buying or selling ORA ivestock, especially the fish stores which have relied on ORA for years to bring them new and exciting coral and clownfish strains over the years. This pair of posters would also look great in any fish room, with each poster selling for a very affordable $10 each. [ORA]

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