RSS A couple of hybrid Thalassoma wrasses found in Australia

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    Hybridised animals never cease to amaze and even the most jaded collector is not immune to their uniqueness *The random combination of DNA thrown together by nature’s genetic dice can often prove more surprising than our wildest imaginations.* If someone asked 1000 people to come up with, sight unseen, an illustration depicting the offspring of the two distinct species Thalassoma janseni and Thalassoma quinqivettatum,*the results would differ in some slight way with each interpretation.* We’ll let Mother Nature have the final word.* Thalasoma-lunare-x-amblycephalum1.jpg

    Even more intriguing, collected on the same trip as the recent rarity Centropyge nigriocella, Tyson Bennett, diving off Cairns Marine’s vessel Clearwater, was making the most of every opportunity while visiting East Holmes Reef in the Coral Sea situated 150 miles to the east of Cairns.* Working in shallow water (

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