RSS A closer look at the AI ‘Phoenix’ LED and comparison next to the AI Sol and AI Nano

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    Even if the AI ‘Phoenix’ didn’t light up, it would still be one desirable slab of modern industrial design. Compared to the AI Sol the AI Phoenix is the same footprint but much thinner with special attention paid to every line of its appearance. The actual physical dimensions of the Sol Phoenix are 11.875 x 5.375 x 1.55 inches, making it about half thethickness as the AI Sol and just a touch bigger in footprint. The AI Phoenix will also be available in black and a new mounting system fits neatly into the aluminum heatsink with a nearly flush profile – follow the break to see how hot the new AI Phoenix looks.

    ai-phoenix-led-3.jpg The variable brightness of this lienup of AI Phoenix is due to the passing light simulation that is possible with the wireless control software.

    ai-phoenix-led-2.jpg The AI Phoenix is super skinny

    ai-phoenix-led-7.jpg There's black AI Phoenix LED lights as well

    ai-phoenix-led-9.jpg Business end of the AI Nano, AI Phoenix and AI Sol

    ai-phoenix-led-10.jpg Topsides of the AI Nano, AI Phoenix and AI Sol


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