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    Caulerpa are fast-growing green algae with fronds (“leaves”) that come in a variety of shapes. The fronds from to between 15-30 cm (6-12 inches) in length and are attached to long runners (“stems”) called rhizomes. Besides simply spreading outwards, Caulerpa can also propagate themselves vegetatively through sections of rhizome that break off the parent plant and become established elsewhere. Caulerpa rhizomes are attached to the substrate by fine hair-like extensions known as rhizoids. As is the case with all algae, the similarities between rhizoids and the roots of true (vascular) plants such as seagrasses are misleading; rhizoids only anchor the algae in the sediment, and play no role in absorbing mineral nutrients. Caulerpa, like all algae, absorb the minerals they need from the water via their leaves. Caulerpa are found in a variety of shallow water marine habitats. Substrate types vary from solid rock through to sand and mud, and Caulerpa can ...


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