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6 May 2007
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Hi :wave2:

Been sitting on the fence for a long time contemplating about getting into this wonderful hobby of having my own private reef at home and believe me, I’m leaning very strongly in that direction. When I meet Alan, I think about 2 years ago on another forum (discussing a discus swingers club), his tank was TOTM and when I saw his set up I was totally bowled over by the splendour of what was in his tank. I knew then I wanted to have one….maybe not as big…lol, (this was my awakening) I then saw all the other reefs of members, all uniquely different and each a masterpiece on their own…well done

I’m still pretty much wrapped up with my Discus (fresh water) and have a few goals to complete with them before I enter into this amazing hobby of reefing.

I have however have been researching for the past 2 years or should I say familiarizing myself with all the hardware functions and how collectively they maintain a balanced system and all the little gizmo’s, gadgets and thingamabobs in which I’m looking forward to making in personalising my system…but I must apologise for not posting a hello sooner
Hey Peter, rather late than never :)

Welcome to MASA.
Welcome to MASA Peter!
Hi Peter (aka The Discus Man), I remember you from g4y, yourself and Alan had some really long and interesting discussions. Welcome to the forum :D

Nice to hear you've been doing lots of research :thumbup: Look forward to following your progress when you decide to get going with the salty critters :)

I've just noticed that you were the 7th member to sign up on our forum, so you have indeed been around for a while, cool, looking forward to chatting to you.
WOW, here is a voice from the past. How are you Peter? Glad to hear you still wanting to move over to the dark side, one warning - there is no returning after you been here. Now stop procrastinating and set the damn thing up, you been keen for 2yrs now. I know how hard it is to change one addiction for another but i can guarantee you will enjoy the salt water, there is just so much more to play with.
Welcome Peter.

I also remember you from G4Y. Hell even now when I see G4Y I read it as GAY. :lol:

As Alan said
"You can check out anytime you want"
"But you can never leave"
Welcome Peter,

I also remember you from G4Y.

Trust me, if your dedication in FW is anything to go buy you are going to have an awesome reef!

BTW, you've come to the right place for advice etc ;)
Thank you for the warm welcome.
It has been a while and it feels good to be remembered …thank you.

I’m still a die-hard Discus keeper or mass murderer, depends how one looks at it….lol, nevertheless having fun.

I was at the recent JHB Reef club meeting, enjoying what was for sale at the venue, putting some faces to members and trying to answer all the Discus questions, also listening to some members in describing their reef set-ups with challenges they were facing. This was interesting and motivating me to start….but all in good time…lol

Well… I’m at the point, in order to meet some of my goals, needed to build the long a waited “Discus room”, which is in progress atm, but this I’m doing myself (brick for brick) now into my 5th month of construction. I had my sights on a 36m2 in which will serve my needs, however, there were some new suggestions by my wife, in which I couldn’t say no (they were good ideas) so my little weekend diy project has increased to 128m2 with some mid week work now added and quite honestly, my back is broken. I later got some chaps with more stamina to do the cement mixing. Pleased it’s taking shape though and should be finished in Feb 08.
Sounds interesting. Show us some pics of your handywork.
I haven’t loaded all the picks but these are some of the foundation stages and the first section of brick laying, as I got higher, my diy scaffolding was a bit dodgy but did the job.

This is the whole project including the building in the background, my journal is just on the Discus Room.

This is before and after of concrete floor of the Discus Doom



And the first bricks be laid,


I’ll up date more pictures once the whole structure is roof high.
Thanks for the pics Peter, that looks like a really great project.
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