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    Hey guys, I decided to donate my tank to the living room..My room got too cluttered with a 1.8m aquarium in it.

    So I got a 24G JBJ for my bday :D

    I haven't started with anything yet, I dont wanna rush into things. What will be the best way, to use water and LR from the established tank or to start from point A and go through the cycle and all the other motions ? I'm hesitating wether to use to established tank's LR because it has "turtle-grass-like" algae on it which I just can't get rid of.

    Is there any way I can keep my mandarin in my nano with the help of my larger tank, like moving copepods in some way to the nano? Btw he accepts frozen brine. He has been living there gracefully for almost 2 years now. One more thing, is it necessary to keep the activated carbon ? I'm a real noob with nano's :wacko:

    I'll post some pics as soon as start.
    Thanks !
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    It is the substrate that is vital in the cycle.
    I started a small tank in during October and it did not cycle. Used substrate from existing tank. Also syphoned the substrate and dump that green jucky water as is into new tank. Also used some LR from established tank. My tank did not cycle at all and all cycling params fine. Did not even go into the brown stuff all over - nothing. I even dump small amounts of food in there per day, feeding nothing but the bristle worms and whatever else is in the rocks and substrate. Had copepods running around in about 2-3 weeks.

    Even if you use just the water, you will bring over some algae spores.

    So its up to you, no cycle or inherit old tank problems...you decide
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    Personally,i run AC 24/7, it helps in removing toxins aswell as polishing the water giving it a cyrstal clear look. It is not compulsory, but i use it just because of the reasons ive mentioned.

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