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    The following post is a contribution from Blake Sanders – he writes on tech issues at broadband comparison site Broadband Expert and specializes in high speed internet, cell phones, as well as all of the latest in wireless internet news and information.


    Aquarium applications are recommended as relaxation tools for adults. For reef building enthusiasts, it’s all the better. Parents also use the applications to teach kids how to responsibly care for fish before they actually allow them to have fish. Smartphone users equipped with wireless internet can download these applications and begin enjoying them almost instantly. We’ve scoured the app marketplace to bring you our list of essential aquarium apps for iPhone users.

    Fish Tycoon


    Fish Tycoon is available to customers for $0.99 (or free for the Lite version). Virtual Villagers created this fish breeding game. It is the winner of the Parent’s Choice Recommended Award, Best Simulation Game by PDArcade, Best Application for Play by Handango, and the Silver Award by GameTunnel.

    For this game, users are required to solve a puzzle to discover the seven Magic Fish of Isola. The user will be challenged to care for more than 400 different species of fish. To finance your breeding company, you will sell your fish creations to customers. You will be given a variety of aquarium supplies to care for the fish and enhance the experience. The game will progress even when the iPhone is powered off. Users should check back periodically to feed the fish, breed the fish and cure their illnesses.


    Essential-Aquarium-Apps-for-iPhone-Users_html_m3bd2b847.gif Essential-Aquarium-Apps-for-iPhone-Users_html_5d3cbf31.gif

    iQuariam by Infinite Dreams is now free. Users remark that this is one of the most beautiful applications available. It is designed to help its users relax while watching impressive sea urchins float by in the virtual aquarium. Users may feed the fish, play with them, or simply listen to relaxing music while the fish swim in their aquarium. The fish develop personalities based upon how the user interacts with them.

    Wa Kingyo – Goldfish Pond

    Essential-Aquarium-Apps-for-iPhone-Users_html_335d67ca.gif Essential-Aquarium-Apps-for-iPhone-Users_html_m18e3a4ca.gif

    Wa Kingyo is available for $0.99 (free for the LE version). The goldfish swim effortlessly in this application while generating a calming experience for users. Users may engage in touching the goldfish or feeding the goldfish with flowers and leaves. The water will also ripple when the screen is touched, and if the iPhone is shaken, it will make waves. You may have access to four different goldfish in four different colors. Music may play in the background. “Wa” means peace or relaxation in Japan. “Kingyo” means goldfish.

    Koi Pond

    Essential-Aquarium-Apps-for-iPhone-Users_html_m34cf55be.gif Essential-Aquarium-Apps-for-iPhone-Users_html_3de812ac.gif

    Koi Pond produces incredible graphics and soothing sounds, and the simulation of the fish behavior is realistic. The application is very user friendly. The pond will become murky and the user may brighten the pond with a brightness slider. The water reacts to touch and the Koi will feed on your finger if you touch the screen. Feed up to 16 fish by shaking the iPhone.

    MyReef 3D Aquarium

    Essential-Aquarium-Apps-for-iPhone-Users_html_m41de922e.gif Essential-Aquarium-Apps-for-iPhone-Users_html_2e97915a.gif

    MyReef 3D simulates a saltwater aquarium with 55 different types of tropical fish. Users may watch the fish form schools and observe them in their virtual habitat. The dorsal fins of the fish even react when the fish is aggressive. Camera angles allow different views of the fish, including zoom. While you are relaxing, another camera will focus on the areas of the aquarium that you choose, while playing ambient music in the background.

    Marine Aquarium 2.6


    Marine Aquarium 2.6 by Prolific Publishing offers a relaxing virtual environment for users. This 3D application allows users to choose from 28 different species of fish during exploration. The foreground and background lighting may be adjusted, and the application also has zoom capabilities.

    Pocket Pond HD

    Essential-Aquarium-Apps-for-iPhone-Users_html_4edc908.gif Essential-Aquarium-Apps-for-iPhone-Users_html_m234bd9f2.gif

    Pocket Pond HD by John Moffett is available for download over your wireless internet connection. Users may capture the fish and interact with the frogs. With this application, users may watch the creatures’ schooling behavior, feed them and scare them away. Users may also enjoy the relaxing sounds of nature that play when the application is open. Create thunderstorms or customize lily pads while the water reacts to touches and swipes on the screen. Users may feed the Koi by double tapping.
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