54W LED unit, what should the voltage be?


11 Aug 2008
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When it comes to electronics, I'm the first to confess that I am mostly useless.

My sons LED unit does not work, or come on. After a few power trips. It got 18 * 3W leds, so 54 in total all wired in series.

What voltage should the transformer put out? Think the power supply is goners. Its a Maxspect Max S unit. Supply got 2 lines out, one driving the Leds and another the fans. The fans should be 12V line.
This morning, just switched it on and now it works. Well, taken apart.

That is why I hate electronics.

Anyway, if I test it tonight, what should the voltage be. And should I test it with the multi meter set to DC or AC?
Is there a tag with the power supply specs? Usually the power supply's convert from AC to DC, so you set the multimeter to DC then. As for voltage I would guess it should be between 12 v to 24 v usually but that's a guess.
no tags...did check. :(
where are the LED boffins?
If they all in series it could also be an bad connection between them but most 3w are 3.2v but it depends on the make of led als an dry solder point. Im not an expert just learned from my mistakes
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Re-soldered one connection. OK, not going to take a picture of that bird dropping.

It works again.
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