5 Maddening Things Marine Fish Do

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    I love marine fish. I really do. They’ve been part of my life for decades, and observing their beauty and behavior both in the wild and in aquaria seems to fulfill some primal need in me that’s, frankly, impossible to characterize. But then again, sometimes those scaly little creatures do things that absolutely drive me ... [Read More]

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    My onespot foxface (Siganus unimaculatus) is guilty of this from time to time. Whenever I approach the tank, the foxface and all its tankmates swim right to the front glass with that eager look that seems to say, “Big Guy’s here! Food’s a-comin’! Get ready!” But then every once in a while, in the midst of the anticipatory celebration, the foxface will suddenly panic, dash at full speed to the farthest corner of the tank, assume a tail-down position, and take on its mottled stress coloration. Moments later, it recovers, resumes its normal coloration, and rejoins the gang at the front glass.
    I have no idea what triggers this behavior. Some sound beyond the threshold of human hearing? Shark pheromone spritzed into the tank by another fish as a practical joke? Maybe I have my mouth hanging open on those occasions and the foxface is just thinking, “Uh oh! I’ve seen this guy eat…” Who knows?

    hahaha, I had to laugh at that one.:lol::lol:

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