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    The introduction of Labroides spp. cleaner wrasses to marine aquarium systems is generally ill-advised. Though some hobbyists report success in keeping these obligate cleaners long term, the vast majority of specimens entering the market are doomed to perish prematurely from starvation. Nonetheless, despite their abysmal captive survival rate, people continue to buy these wrasses, likely ... [Read More]

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    My thoughts.
    Cleaner wrasses can learn to take on flakes. Actually they do like nori as well. But then again, I had one that did not move on to prepared food and it wasted away. The one I have, I got it already for about 5 years.

    They will pester their captive audience, over cleaning them. You do need a bigger system with lots of fish, so that the cleaner can move on to the next client. Even then, you will see moments when the client had enough and he turns around chasing the cleaner away. Cleaner is way to fast and the chaser never gets close. In a system less than 400L and with only a few fish, I do not see how the cleaner would survive or would have enough clients.

    Cleaners are not the solution to whitespot.

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