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7 Mar 2011
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Long Island New York USA
I just came back from my very Manly "run". Very slow run. But anyway I don't want to dwell on that. On my way back, I was running pretty "fast". Actually probably slower than my walking, but off in the distance, on the street I see this squirrel. He was sitting in the street holding a nut and most likely thinking about where he is going to hide this nut so in the spring he would have something to feed his six kids.

I hear this blood curdling SQUAWK.........I look up.......I see this huge eagle. OK I think it was a hawk. Definitely not a pigeon, and it swoops down towards the squirrel.....o_O

The squirrel hears it and looks up........It was to late. I heard the doomed creature SCREAM amidst the loud CAW CAW of the devil bird.

6 or 7 other crows were on the power lines cheering and it was deafening. I had to put my hands over my ears, (after I put down my sweatshirt, hat, walking stick and phone)

Right now that unfortunate squirrel is being served up as breakfast.

It brought back memories of that Alfred Hitchcock movie "The Birds".

It also, for some reason brought back a memory of one of my old girlfriends. She was Greek. A real Greek Goddess, Grecian curls and all.
Her Greek name was so long that it had every letter in the alphabet,,,,,Twice. Her last name alone just ended with "Etc." so they didn't have to make up more letters.

Her Mother really used to go out on a dark night and offer up tea leaves to the moon. I think she was praying that I wouldn't marry her Daughter. She eventually dumped me for a guy with a shorter name. :oops:
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