430 liter aquirium refugium sump

3 Feb 2016
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hi there can anyone help me im new to the hobby need to know how to make my sump for refugium setup . i want to use mangrove plants in refugium
you will get a much better result for nutrient removal by using macro algae like Cheato or Caulerpa.

A Mangrove plant looks cool, but they require much better light than macro algae. They grow too tall and hardly ever survive being transplanted.
how would i have to design the sump want to make a nice good size refugium compartment
My own refugium is incorporated with the DSB. Water level above the sand is 250mm deep. Enough to put macro algae in that space. So that means my refugium is a across flow design.

Others options with a dedicated chamber for macro algae can have a bottom inlet and top outlet on the other side, or other way around. Does not really matter. This way you should end up with less settlement at the bottom.

Either options will work, I prefer the DSB combo option, as it provides worms etc also a nice place to stay.
Mangroves are relatively easy, they can just be stuck through polystyrene and floated on the water surface. Have a look here for a couple of sump idea's - BASIC Sump Design - Illustrated

Your sump can be anyhow you want it, you can build it to suit yourself, have a look at the ones in the link above to get you started then you can change/adapt your sump accordingly. Mangroves would need a fairly deep section for their roots to grow, I'm not sure if there is a minimum depth for them, do some research on their requirements and then you will have an idea on what will be needed in your sump.:)
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