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    A couple of 3D photography stories out of the annual CES (Consumer Electronic Show) gadget-fest in Las Vegas are giving us great hope at the future of underwater HD photography for the consumer. The technology of 3D photography has advanced, making durable and feature-rich HD cameras with the capabilities to shoot underwater affordable for the cutting edge consumer. Companies are now putting together some promising technology that would allow you to get the full IMAX 3D effect on your next dive trip to Hawaii or for just some awe inspiring in-tank shots.

    The big news is Olympus debuting a pair of tough waterproof cameras that can shoot 720p HD video and have built in hardware to be able to shoot 3D still photographs. The new Olympus TG-610 and TG-310 models have a 3D mode to add more dimension to your photographs even underwater. Simply snap your first shot, release the shutter and slowly pan until the camera automatically takes a second image from a slightly different perspective. The 3D data is processed in-camera resulting in an .MPO file, the universal industry 3D format for easy display on 3D televisions or laptops.

    500x_gopro3d2.jpg Image courtesy of Gizmodo

    Another nifty option is a kit by GoPro that lets you take a pair of these bite sized, yet powerful cameras and enclose them in a waterproof case that allows you to shoot HD video on the two cameras and then stitch together the two videos afterwards to give you an amazing 3D video. This of course may only be an option for the hardcore enthusiast at this point but is a starting place towards allowing anyone to take their own 3D videos.

    Of course home 3D is a pretty early stage technology but as the amount of devices grow, so will the possible applications, movies and options you will have. As with most technology, it is pretty pricey in the initial stages but 3D video cards are coming onto the scene creating a more affordable way of watching and enjoying 3D.

    [GoPro info via Gizmodo]
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