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    35 garden is company from Japan dedicated to producing calcium reactors and media reactors, along with associated accessories. Their main calcium line 3 15 (three quarter) consists of six calcium reactor models, each featuring features ranging from very basic to high tech depending on the consumers needs.

    The largest of the set is the M-calcium reactor which dual chambered, rated for 600 liters, and powered by an Eheim 1250. Following the M-calcium model are the CC, S, C, and Zee calcium reactors which are rated for 500, 400, 300, and 200 liters respectively. Beside the smallest of the group the Zee calcium reactor which rocks a Maxi Jet MJ500, all previously mentioned calcium reactors use Maxi Jet MJ1000 pumps to provide necessary flow rates. In the case that for ever reason none of these reactors fit your needs, 35 garden also offers limited edition pro models, which are available in three sizes. These three sizes include a 200, 300 and 800 liter model, with the latter two sizes offering dual chamber action.









    Pricing of the calcium reactors range from 38850 yen ($420) for the smaller Zee model all the way up to 138,000 yen ($1482) for the largest pro model. All pricing includes taxes. At this point no word yet when or even if these reactors will be available outside of Japan.

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