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28 Aug 2018
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Red-fin fairy wrasse (Male)

Copperband butterflyfish

Keyhole angelfish

Eye-spot surgeonfish

Blonde naso tang

Orange spotted goby

Spotted mandarinfish

Scooter blenny

Court jester goby

Seram Blenny

Pinkbar goby

Ventral-barred shrimp goby

Goldstripe maroon clownfish

Bicolor angelfish

Whitetail pygmy angelfish

Juv. Six banded angelfish

Treespot angelfish

Randall's anthias (Male)

Blue eyes anthias (Female)

Huctii athias (Female)

Bluespine unicornfish

Pinkspotted watchman goby

Green dartfish

Black cap jawfish

Bullseye jawfish

Carpenter's flasher wrasse

Red breast wrasse

Bluelashed butterflyfish

Blue girdled angelfish

Sea goldie (Male)

Huctii athias (Male)

Lieutenant tang

Fowler's surgeonfish

Sailfin tang

Stripped sleeper goby

Yellow dottyback

Marine betta

Red elongated dottyback

Blue Face Trigger

Percula (Med)

Copper Band / Chelmon

Green Chromis

Maroon Anemone

Turbo Snail

Green Mandarin

Golden Head Blue Cheek

Lyre TailAnthias

Bicolour Angel

Sun Burst Anthias Med

And loads more ........

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