30% discount on 90% of corals

Discussion in 'Pet Stop SA' started by Moolis Moolman, 25 Dec 2013.

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    Hi Reefers

    AS The email list reefers already know - WE HAVE A LESS 30% markdown on 90% of our corals in stock!!!

    Yes come and have a look - the DISCOUNTED prices have been written on the aquariums and will last until 06-01-2014

    I will post some pictures later today or tomorrow afternoon. :blush:

    Unfortunately the following basic rules will be applicable:
    • No dibs - you need to pick up or email and pay to book
    • No shipping due to unavailable transport
    • EFT Paid Corals MUST be removed before 06-01-2014

    I myself will be on leave till 06-01-2014 - So PLEASE CALL Shawn or Godfrey on 012-329 8965 if you have any inquiry.

    Enjoy you all :lol:

    PS - my multiple aquariums system in my office is running (more details on this while I am on leave)

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