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    The Aquatics industry is growing. That’s according to help wanted ads from aquatics companies across the United States and a few sources we have spoken with. Consider these three examples.

    A Career in the Aquarium Industry
    Several businesses are booming—so much so they have posted help wanted ads or paid larger bucks for recruiters. Seeking top talent to help their business grow and thrive. Ecotech marine has several listings available. As does Bulk Reef Supply—two companies that have year over year growth in the double digits.

    Media and Movies

    Did you hear? The Aquatics industry has two dedicated shows to the hobby. Tanked, which airs on Animal Planet and Fish Tank Kings that is broadcast on the National Geographic channel. These two shows bring a huge new audience which have never been exposed to the saltwater aquarium side of things. Fish store owners report folks coming into their stores curious about what it takes to setup and maintain a reef tank. The increased media exposure these two shows offer is critical to the long term success of this hobby.

    The smash Disney hit—about a clownfish looking for his son was recently released in 3D. The movie did 30.2MM in theater ticket sales and got another segment of young viewers interested in keeping saltwater aquariums in their homes. While initially keeping a clownfish because of seeing a movie is a highly debated topic of discussion—this spurs growth of the hobby. In addition, public aquariums have caught on to the popularity of the common clownfish and have added at least one display that children no doubt look for.

    Disney will be bringing a sequel to Finding Nemo that is expected to land in theatres in 2016 that will hook another generation and gather more followers to the industry. Those children eventually turn into adults and when the time comes to purchase a new house—they want a spot just for their aquarium. That leads us to the next reason.

    Housing in the United States
    The housing market is slowly rebounding from the lows of the financial disaster of 2008—When you have a saltwater aquarium you tend to give ample room to your hobby and quite a few folks become “hardcore” followers. How does this happen? Building a new house.

    Interest rates have been plummeted for a 30-year fixed or 15 year mortgage and this has attracted new homebuyers and those that have been hiding for the past four years. While the market is nowhere near the artificially inflated market in years past this has had a positive impact on this industry.


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