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    Setting up or upgrading your reef aquarium is hard work but despite being time consuming and frustrating, it is one of the most rewarding yet sadistically fun parts of the hobby. One hobbyist set up a camera to capture his aquarium upgrade and put together this fun stop motion montage of the three-day process. YouTube user JeF4y posted this video with this description “One shot every 30 seconds over 3 days of work. Running here at 10 frames per second.” Watch as he upgrades from a decent-sized cube into what looks to be more along the lines of a 75 or 90 gallon acrylic system. The entire video makes it appear relatively*seamless*but we’d love to have access to the audio over the process — we are sure there are probably some profanity-laced nuggets fueled by frustration or the one all of us have uttered knee-deep into a monster project, “#%&$! Off to the hardware store….AGAIN!!!”
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