2nd Anemone ID please

3 Mar 2010
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Hi again everyone.

I purchased this anemone from a lfs last week, it was looking very bad and was really the size of a R5 coin, I know I should probably not have bought it but but I wanted to save it.

I know its a bubble tip but can anyone give a more accurate ID please?

It's looking much better now and Im surprised at its size.

I'm going to try spell it without googling it. :p Entacmaea quadricolor.
@CheriS Well thats a let down, here I am thinking I have something special :blush: thats just under normal white light though, it looks WAY more spectacular when the Actinics are on, I shall call it my STARBURST BTA it sounds cooler :lol:

Ill try to get a photo under actinics tonight and post it here too.

Thanks @viper357
Haha! Do not underestimate green bta's. They can become stunners
That's a nice one. I want a nice green one.
They are the more common one to come across.
Mine went from this


To this. Yes under actinic but you get the idea..

Also got one the size of a R5 two weeks ago. Mine seems to have purple tips though. Was pretty messed up with a couple of tentacles looking as if it was chowed of by something.

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Tentacles that look chowed usually means it recently split :) @jacohall
If it has purple tips it will look awesome when it's bigger!
Feeling pretty stupid, but is there any chance this might be a Majano? Just saw an article on another thread and looks quite similar.
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Feeling pretty stupid, but is there any chance this might be a Majano? Just saw an article on another thread and looks quite similar.

Just had a look on Google and it does look very like Majano.
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@CheriS your BTA looks awesome! Do the tips still inflate?

@jacohall yours is also very nice! Going to look great when it gets bigger. I also daw the post about the majano ID and also thought that it looked like a BTA to me too!!! So I really dont know :)

Excuse the bad cellphone pics but this is what it looked like at the store.

This is after a few minutes in my tank, it seems to have pink or orange tips, I cant decide.

Ill probably get stoned but I did not acclimate him at all, pulled him out the bag and dumped into tank, I just held it in place until it attached. I read that they dont need acclimation as they are sometimes completely exposed in low tide areas. I probably took a chance yes but he is looking awesome and was within a few minutes of being introduced already more than double its size.
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Sorry, didn't mean to hijack @Jacojs. This is what I am hoping it is!


I like the green ones! Yours looks great!
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No problem @jacohall that is a DAMN nice specimen!!! If yours turn out to look like this let me know ;)
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You'll soon see anyway. They don't grow much larger than 3cm. Majano tend to have more tentacles inward and more color on the disc
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