2m Tank for sale

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18 May 2007
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The Bay of KZN
Hi All, I have a 1980x610x610 plus galvanised stand plus canopy that i would like to sell or swop. I would like to get a 4ft tank.
i also may be interested
I'm definitely interested, depending on where you are located.
If the dudes from far away aren't keen, then i'm interested depending on price.
I am willing to swap a 4ft on stand with a cash difference i guess. Let me know and we can bargain (you can tell i'm from Durban....)
2m tank

hi all, sorry for coming back so late. i was on a course and got back last night. maybe i must describe what i have better. as i said i have this 2mx.610x.610x.10 tank and i would like to go downsize. the tank is on a galvanised stand made out of 50x50x6 angle iron with 6 legs with height adjusters on each leg.(my tank is on slasto and the adjusters was fitted to make sure the stand is 100% level. it also has a hood that i made myself.(i am a mechanic and no woodworking expert.) the tank is not brand new and it does have some scratches.(i should have used the rear end of the tank when i fitted the weir, i dont think it will have any scratches on)
sorry for the long story, but i would like to paint the worst picture to avoid being called a shark(you can see i dont live in durban he he)

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Herkie, my offer of a 4ft on stand etc with a cash difference still stands.
Tank swop

Hi all sure everyone has forgotten about my tank, dont worry I'm back again and will try to answer all the questions in this post.
I am located in Kwambonambi, Kzn north coast. The tank is the one in the previous post and the GP ous must not worry about distance,I have some relatives there and go to gauteng every now and then. Dunnow why you ous worry about distance if you have vehicles to travel with and also have a chance to see the best part of this c ountry's coast.(Good weather, warm water and a abundsance in sea life)
The tank can be for sale or to swop for something smaller and if a swop is done both party's must be happy that a fair deal was done.
Well in that case, I'm still interested in a swop. Check in the classifieds for the 4 foot I've got for sale, then we can negoatiate if you interested.
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