250w controll gear for 150w

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leslie hempel

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7 May 2007
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East London
hey guys

i have 3 x 250w SE lumenarc III reflectors i am modifying to take 150w DE bulbs and am looking to swop the controll gear for 150w controll gear and lamp hoilders

reason: lower electricity consumption...

i am situated in east london and am willing to ship the components...

any help would be appreciated...

thanks les
Check your control gear, some of them can control from 150w up to 400w.
just checked but how will i tell... the ignitor says something along the lines of for HPS lamp 35-400w. mh lamp 35-400w.
the balasts name VOSSLOH SCHWASE NaHJ 250.160 250w/3.00A?????/lw130/?75

and alot of chinese in between.....

does any of this make any sence???
i see it does state mh lamp 35-400w.think that could be the answer?like allowing from 35W to 400W?
No, that's the ignitor mekaeel, need to check the ballast.

Les, this is about as much as I know, will have to wait for someone like Hill or Alan to help out. I know you do get them, I saw them at a lighting shop.
you know what they say hey

dumb questions from dumb people!!
dare i say clowns!!! thanks guys i could probably just change the balast and the lamp holder.... still cheaper than buying all new.... what does a 150w balast on its own cost? R150?
Les go to Voltex. Speak to Tracey. Tell her I sent you. (Yeah I buys there quite a lot) Get a price on a ballast. It cant be too expensive.
im a bit stressed that this is going to look messy so im keen on swapping the 250w reflectors with controll gear for 150w fittings and controll gear....

3 available.... anyone keen let me know...
I will swap 3 x Mh lamp holders 150W with the ballest for your 250W complete fittings and ballast if you can send me a pic and sizes to make sure they will fit my light fitting. I just baught a light fitting about two weeks ago after Submarine sold his. Let me know if you are interested. I am based in Jhb.
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