24G JBJ Nano Cube info please

Discussion in 'Nano Tank advice' started by Jaco Schoeman, 13 Jul 2010.

  1. Jaco Schoeman

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    Guys, I have a few questions that I am hoping you can help me with regarding a 24g JBJ Nano cube... :thumbup:

    As most of you know, I am not new to this hobby, but I am new to the "limited" designs of the cubes...


    1) What is the best form of filtration to use in these guys? I know many will say remove the bioballs and ceramics, others will say keep em. I personally know that DSB's work, and the more biological IMO the better. So do I just fill the back with DSB material?

    2) Lighting upgrade: is it neccesary for keeping softies and maybe a hammer coral or torch? I have not seen the light intensity of these JBJ's, so cant comment on it...

    3) Skimmer? I am used to doing weekly water changes, so doing 20% a week is not at all an issue for me. But... that said, is a skimmer a must here?

    4) Drilling / modding? If need be, do you think that one must rather get a below tank sump with DSB, skimmer etc? I know this wont hurt to do it, but is it needed, and how possible is it? I would like to keep the stand standard JBJ spec.

    5) Rear chambers...? If I do decide to go with a "Rear DSB" on it, can anyone tell me what % more or less would that DSB make out compared to total system footprint? In other words what size DSB are we looking at if you go that route?

    6) Liverock as filtration method...? Is it better to go with LR in the rear chamber as filration metod?

    Sorry guys, I am feeling like a newb asking all these questions;), but I do not have the tank yet and do not know it really, so anyone that have had them could please help me out...
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  3. fish finger

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    2 Jun 2010
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    I & J

    I have that tank and I am enjoying it (though I am a newbie to marine). I have LR as filtration in the back chamber and I have a skimmer - skimmer was inhertited with the tank - as was a nennie. Glad I have the skimmer, given I have a fussy tank occupant ;)
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    7 Jul 2009
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    Jukskei Park, JHB
    I have the smaller 12G. Filtration wise I am running a bag of purigen and some phosphate remover and carbon (seachem seagel). I dontnhave a skimmer or any of that. I mainly have corals and a shrimp, so not a big bioload. I hooked up a 5L tank at the back for an ATO. The tank is on a desk so there was space behind it for the top up tank. My 12G has 2 24W PL tubes and I have a froggie in there that is doing very well. The 24 is a bit bigger so I would maybe place the LPS higher up.

    I would not make the rear chambers into a DSB. Too much of a mission in my opinion. The purigen is really great stuff and many overseas guys run it together with the liwerock as filtration. With 20% waterchanges I would not put a skimmer in. All the small skimmer that you get is not really that effective so I would not waste my money ot them.

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