24 hour, electrical timers with independent channels-Lets keep things stable

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    The immense size of the ocean makes rapid changes in water quality, temperature etcetera unusual and saltwater species are therefore less resilient to rapid changes. Creating a stable environment in your saltwater aquarium is therefore one of the key factors behind successful marine fish keeping.

    Before setting up a marine aquarium you should definitely invest in a few components that may help us create a stable environment for our marine friends.

    For the above mentioned reason I am requiring a simple 24 hour electrical timer with INDEPENDENT CHANNELS for controlling all my aquarium lighting.

    The normal 24 hour timers are bulky and can accumulate unnecessary costs; therefore I need help with sourcing the above mentioned timers.

    Example: http://www.tlc-direct.co.uk/Products/MK5732.html
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  3. Trasique

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    2 May 2012
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    cape town
    Those look like regular digital timers that is used on distribution boards, most electrical suppliers carry them. No need to import them.
  4. Toolboysa

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    30 Nov 2010
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    You can get them at builders. As Trasique said they usually get put into db boxes. Should be in the isle with the breakers
  5. RiaanP

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    11 Aug 2008
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    Well, these will work you out more expensive than the simple wall timers. Because now you need a distribution box. And then first you need to Google all the South African laws around distribution boxes and installations close to water. Far simpler is a short extension cord with multiplug unit on it. With 2 or 3 wall timers at about R160. 2 units for the display lights. 1 unit for sump / refugium light. Done.

    Everything you stumble upon online is not always the simplest solution. That unit is 105 Pounds to import those units. Before shipping and taxes. Go ahead, spend some time in Builders warehouse and do your sums. Its not that difficult to realize that 3*160 plus a few extra for a multiplug, is a lot cheaper than 105 Pounds.
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