2019 week 1 live stock is in :)

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    Name and Scientific
    Bicolor Angel Centropyge Bicolor
    Bicolor Blenny Ecsenius Bicolor
    Blackback Butterfly Chaetodon Melannotus
    Blue Leg Hermit Crab Calcinus Elegans
    Blue-Green Chromis Chromis Viridis
    Clown Sweetlips Plectorhynchus Chaetodonoides
    Copperband Butterfly Chelmon Rostratus
    Dragon Wrasse Novaculichthys Taeniurus
    Exquisite Fairy Wrasse Cirrhilabrus Exqusitus
    Feather Duster Worm Sabellastarte Indica
    Foxface fish Lo Vulpinus
    Kupang Damsel (Half Blue Demoiselle) Chrypsiptera Hemicyanea
    Long-Horned Cowfish Lactoria Cornuta
    Lubbock Fairy Wrasse Cirrhilabrus Lubbocki
    Mandarin Fish (Indian Ocean) Pterosynchiropus Splendidus
    Matted Leatherjacket File Fish Acreichthys Tomentosus
    Nassarius shell Nassarius Sp.
    Orange Spotted Prawn Goby Amblyeleotris Guttata
    Orange-Spine Unicornfish Naso Elegans
    Pink-and Blue Spotted Goby Cryptocentrus Leptocephalus
    Porcupine Puffer Diodon Hystrix
    Powder-Blue Surgeon Acanthurus Leucosternon
    Pretty Prawn Goby Valanciennea Puellaris
    Red Labrid Adult Coris Gaimard Adult
    Red Sea Cucumber Cucumaria Miniata
    Red-Banded Shrimp Stenopus hispidus
    Sand Starfish Comanthus alternans
    Six-Lined Wrasse Pseudocheilinus Hexataenia
    Skunk Cleaner Shrimp Lysmata Amboinensis
    Splendid Garden Eel Gorgasia Preclara
    Spotted Hawkfish Cirrhitichthys Aprinus
    Three-Spotted Angel Apolemichtys Trimaculatus
    Tuxedo Urchin Tripneustes gratilla
    Yellow Jawfish Opistognathus aurifrons
    Yellowrose Goby Stonogobiops Nematodes
    Zebra Pipe Fish Doryrhamphus Dactyliophorus

    Please WhatsApp us for availability and price so we can get to your enquiry quicker :thumbup:
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