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    The Digital Shootout is a combination photography and dive class on steroids where underwater photographers get together to enhance their shooting and post-production skills in a beautiful, tropical setting. This years’ event was held at the Divi Flamingo Resort on the Caribbean island of Bonaire. The week-long camp concludes with an underwater photography contest that always yields incredible images and video.

    We thought it would be great to highlight some of the winning photographs in a variety of categories including one our our favorites — nightsea photography. We encourage you to check out all the Digital Shootout contest winners on its website. For those of you looking for a learning adventure next year, you can register for the 2014 Digital Shootout on Little Cayman from June 14-21.

    Below is the winner of the video category followed by a gallery of the winners of still photography categories including: the Jim Watt Award, wide angle (traditional), wide angle (unrestricted), macro (traditional), macro (restricted), point and shoot and nightsea.


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