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    Looking back at our posts in 2011 we can definitely see the effect of LED lighting in the aquarium market, proving to be one of the hottest topics we covered this past year. With so many new products hitting the market, we thought we’d pick out a good chunk of them and let you decide the best, new aquarium LED lighting product of 2011 –”LED Madness” tournament style!

    We picked our 32 top stories on new aquarium LED lighting that appeared in 2011 and paired them up in our first ever Reef Builders reader’s choice tournament bracket (click here for a*full-size*image of the bracket) *Just like picking your March Madness bracket, instead of Michigan over San Jose State you vote on which of the two LED lights you like better. We will tally up the voted and the winner will advance to the next round, eventually giving us the top LED light of the year chose by you, our incredible readers.

    Here is Round 1 with voting that will close at 12:00 p.m. (PST) on 04, January 2012.

    Current USA Trulumen Pro*vs. Reef Brite XHO LED*

    This showdown features two strips, with the Current USA Trulumen Pro and the Reef Brite XHO LED. The*versatility of the Trulumen Pro with all its colors or the power of Reef Brite XHO, this is definitely a tough call!

    View This Poll Eco-Lamps KR93 Full Spectrum vs.*Sfiligoi Genesis

    The Eco-Lamps Full Spectrum LED is trying to tackle a problematic area in LED lighting around having a full light spectrum represented. The Sfligoi Genesis is using the modular approach giving you the option to mix and match to get the full spectrum look with upgradability to RGB LEDs.

    View This Poll Maxspect Mazarra vs, TMC MiniLED 400

    This one may be a David vs.*Goliath but will the robust features of the Maxspect Mazarra*stand up to the TMC MiniLED 400? Look over the features and how these best fit their intended markets to decide this one.

    View This Poll Ecoxotic*Panorama*Pro vs. Eheim Aqualight

    The Ecoxotic Panorama Pro is definitely more robust, has more colors than the previous generation and even has an RGB version. The Eheim Aqualight is a nice little light that is hitting more in the daylight section but it is worth a look for planted aquariums or refugiums.

    View This Poll Sunbrite Slimline S vs. EcoRay LED

    The Sunbrite Slimline S is a sleek looking fixture, tri-color LEDs, has a great price and oh yeah, a remote control! The EcoRay LED does have a narrow LED lens but is that enough to hold it back?

    View This Poll Pacific Sun Metis Hypereon vs. Blue Moon Aquatics P30

    The Pacific Sun Metis Hyperion definitely is setting the bar high with Cree XM-L and UV LEDs in a sleek and stylish fixture. Blue Moon Aquatics P30 is a great combination pendant with a*Multics*LED to boot!

    View This Poll Kessil A150W vs. CadLights LED

    The Kessil A150W is definitely one pendant to keep your eye on — different colors, proprietary chips and a great price! CadLights LED has some nice touches on LEDs with a two-channel, a nice price and different sizes.

    View This Poll Ecotech Radion XR30 vs. Arcadia Eco-Aqua 30W

    The Ecotech Radion XR30 hit the LED with plenty of buzz and so far the reviews have been pretty favorable for the XR30 as Ecotech Marine starts venturing out more. The Arcadia Eco-Aqua looks pretty promising too, will its simplicity win out over the XR30′s features?

    View This Poll Sfiligoi Astra vs. Pharos LED

    The Sfiligoi Astra is a sleek and slim looking fixture for smaller aquariums or using a few over a larger tank. For those of you looking for clean*aesthetics*in your light, this is one to look at. The Pharos LED is taking the black box light fixture to a whole new level and hopefully will create some more innovation on top of the “Chinese box.”

    View This Poll Vertex Illumilux vs. Innovative Marine*Skkye LED

    The Vertex Illumilux is a nice, modular strip with impressive construction we were quite impressed with when we got our hands on it.*Innovative Marine Skkye Light LED is an interesting clamp on fixture coming in three different powers making it a*versatile*choice for nano tanks.

    View This Poll Ecoxotic Panorama Retro 2D vs. Lucenova HydroLED

    The Ecoxotic Panorama Retro 2D is a great way to add LED lighting to your existing canopy or to use as a hanging light. The great feature now is the ability to dim these lamps. The Lucenova HydroLED is sleek and futuristic looking and definitely has the eye appeal.

    View This Poll JBJ Unibody LED vs. AquaticLife LED

    The JBJ Unibody LED is a great direction the company is taking to take the manufacturer beyond just the casual hobbyist. New refinements have made the light even better. AquaticLife LED*ventured into the modular LED market with these new strips that are definitely worth a look.

    View This Poll Pacific Sun Galileo vs. Ecoxotic 120W Cannon

    The Pacific Sun Galileo is compact and loaded with Cree XP-G LEDs making it perfect for your nano setup. Taking heat management to a whole new level, the Ecoxotic 120W Cannon has more power and is lighter thanks to efficient use of heat pipes to aid in cooling.

    View This Poll NanoBox vs Acan Lighting A207

    The NanoBox is one nice looking modular,*entry-level fixture with four controllable channels of light plus active cooling. The Acan Lighting A207 is a nice supplemental lighting strip with enough power to add some nice blue to your tank.

    View This Poll AquaIllumination Nano vs. CoraLED

    The*AI Nano is one that sets the bar pretty high no matter if its a nano or a full-sized fixture. Streamlined and refined, we were impressed with the final release version of the AI Nano. Coming from across the pond, the CoraLED is an interesting new company from the UK that will even build you a 10 ft. version if you’d like.

    View This Poll *Evolution LED vs.*Illumagic Blaze Advance LED

    The Evolution LED from ReefKoi is a nice step up from the black box with 2W LEDs*with two shades each of white and blue and totally dimmable.*Illumagic Blaze Advance LED light now includes more action in the blue end of the light spectrum including ultraviolet (UV) LEDs in

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