150w DE reflectors


4 May 2007
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What reflector options do we have in this country for 150w Double Ended MH lighting, apart from the swivel type radiant fittings?
There's the one I use on my nano. Or is that the swivel type you mention?
You get a fixed round fitting as well. Which is what Horsfield is using.
dean if you want the round one buddy i have one with a aquamedic 13k bulb thats like 2 months old, you welcome to have it, for all the favours;)
Thanks phat, very generous of you, but I have no place for it. I am looking for better reflectors for my BLV's, I really think they wasted in those swivel type reflectors.

Galibore - yeah, same one.
so you want just the reflector then??
yes, just the reflectors, I was hoping we could get the Luminarc type reflectors.
d/ ended or se?
no I haven't SIMS, would prefer to get local if possible, but it doesn't seem like it.

@ phat....read the first post....slowly.....:D
Mr.Millepora has been using some nice reflectors,check with him,but cant remember if it was DE or SE
im with ya dude looking for something along the same lines.... might have to have it made.....
Dean, Carl was looking as some very fancy reflectors not so long ago, they would need to be made but what we've seen its brilliant. Maybe PM him for some more details.
Thanks guys, I can't believe this is so difficult, probably better in the long run to go with 250w, there just seems to be so many more options available for the 250's.
ok, here's an idea....

If I get some of this highly polished aluminium and build a hood/reflector the same as the ones that hang over pool tables in a pub and put all 3 blv's in there with one long piece of glass for UV, will it work?

viper you need to get the right angles for the reflector speak to afaqua i think he has a design that may be worth trying to copy in a 150w version....
Thanks Leslie, will do.

But how vital are the angles? Surely there is nowhere for the light to go but down?
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